My second pregnancy was quite a different experience. Although I felt nauseous for 9 months, I was never sick and felt well.

When I reached my due date, a consultant mentioned induction to me, and I explained to her that I would rather not be induced this time, due to my previous experience of it. That very night, I went into labour spontaneously, having contractions around 11.30pm. I stayed at home, and poured myself a bath, and we left for the CUMH around 2am. As labour was progressing, the pain intensified and I asked the midwife if I could get an epidural. She obliged and called the anaesthesiologist, but the epidural did not work... The midwife checked me and told me I was ready to push, there was no time to put up another epidural.

And so, I gave birth to my baby naturally. Our second baby boy was born close to 5am.