K. Z., November 2018
Postpartum Doula support

"I would highly recommend Amélie Nyhan, the Postnatal Doula. Amazing and wonderful woman, who was with me and M. for the first difficult 4 months, giving us so much support and help! “Mummies-second-hands” or Postnatal Doula, professionally qualified in all aspects, the person who is very helping to take care the little angels! Thank you dear Amelie, so much, I wish you good luck, extremely happy to meet you, when M. grows up, I will tell her about your wonderful mission in women’s world!"


E. R.
Breastfeeding Buddy in 2017

"Wow such an amazing person. Cannot recommend Amelie enough. She is so kind patient informative understanding supportive. I could go on. She came into my home and it was so easy she just slotted right in like she was part of the family. It’s such a special time for a family and in no way did it feel out of place to have Amelie with us. She is a natural born carer. She is always welcome in my home far after our newborn stage. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxxxx"


S.McC., January 2019
Postpartum Doula support

"What can we say about Amelie? She is such a caring person, willing to go at your pace. This is so important for a new mum or like me, a mum of three. She has always been there to help with my baby, with nourishing food for us and just a kind, helpful, non-judgemental ear. I wish I had known her on my first baby but her help as a post partum doula has been so special and worthwhile. We all love her!"


E.B., July 2019
Live-in Postpartum Doula support, London, UK

"Merci du fond du coeur. Thanks for helping us feeling confident, relaxed and good parents. It made such a difference to the start of our journey. You were like the sister I never had!"


A.M, April 2020
Virtual Doula client

I had the privilege of receiving virtual sessions with the amazing Doula Amelie during the covid lockdown. She was fantastic: outstanding empathy, excellent listener, great advisor and her advice was not limited to our discussion on the phone. When it was necessary, she sent some information by email after further investigation. The dialogue before and after the birth allowed me to have a serene and memorable birth, maintain a positive spirit and good level energy after the birth. Thank you Amelie for this wonderful doula virtual time!


K.V.D, November 2021
Postpartum support

"We don't know where and how to start explaining the benefits of having a postpartum doula. From baby care guidance to building confidence as parents and as a family. Add in a caring personality as Amélie's and you are off to a promising start with your newborn and new family adventure. We searched for a postpartum doula and found a gem in Amélie. During our initial discussion and Amélie's visit to our home, we immediately felt comfortable and knew we were choosing the right person. She has a calm presence, is positive and reassuring. Those qualities made us feel confident about taking care of our baby. When you are trying to figure things out on limited sleep, having Amélie there for emotional and informational support proved to be fully worth it (and more!). Her guidance on breastfeeding is great and helped me navigate breastfeeding issues in the early weeks. Not only did Amélie help to mind our newborn, she also made sure both mom and dad were doing well. Added bonus: Amélie’s food is delicious, which is just what you need those early weeks :-) Amélie has a wealth of experience and is a joy to be around during the challenges as well as the exciting and fun times. We cannot recommend her enough! "


A.N, February 2023
Postpartum Doula support

"Amelie was recommended to us when we were finding the demands of newborn twins to be a lot!! From the moment I spoke to Amelie I knew that we had called on the right person, our only regret is that we hadn't called sooner. Amelie felt like part of the unit from the beginning. Her presence is very calm, she is very kind, easy & enjoyable to talk to, amazing with babies and everyone was always content when she was with us. We looked forward to seeing her each week & having her support took weight off us. We will welcome Amelie back with no hesitation whatsoever."