Attending to your needs in the early days of parenting. Giving you the time to grow into your new role.

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Pregnancy, birthing and becoming a parent, are life altering experiences. By taking full responsibility for the care of your newborn baby/child, you give new meaning and purpose to your own life and begin on a new, exciting and sometimes overwhelming journey.
Each individual woman inherently is the best mother to her own child(ren). This innate, natural mothering instinct is like a seed: full of potential, packed with everything it needs to thrive.
With some initial care, nurturing, validation and support, this potential will soon blossom into a life-long bond and secure attachment between mother and child. This in turn will foster personal growth, confidence and the ability for the woman to self-care, and to care for her family.
A supportive environment around woman and child, including fathers, life-partners and extended family members will enhance the growth of the newborn family.

From the birth of my own three children and my journey as a mother, derives my motivation and passion for women, birthing women, new mothers and their families, women’s mental and physical health, before, during and long after their pregnancies; whether they brought home their babies or not; whether they physically gave birth or adopted their child.
I have grown a deep appreciation for support in the early days home with a newborn baby and for real information and evidence based guidance.
I wish to be present, wholeheartedly and unconditionally to listen to new parents’ stories, to value and validate their choices and to inform them and educate them on matters regarding their role as mothers and fathers.
I also wish to support personal growth of each family member by giving value and meaning to their roles and lives within their unique family unit.
I wish to guide women, new mothers, towards becoming more confident and assertive in their role, I want to support their journey and make them feel nurtured, cared for and strong.
I wish to provide each family with a calm, self-assured and positive presence in the early weeks and months following the arrival of their child.

I am delighted to provide services in a sustainable and Green manner by cycling or walking to my clients.

Mission Statement

To offer attuned at-home postnatal care and practical support to each individual woman and her family, through the early days, weeks and months after the arrival of their new baby. Consequently, assisting mothers and parents in building the foundations of life-long confidence and good mental health, as well as a secure attachment with their baby and strong bonds between all family members.