What I learned:

  • Employ a new set of tools to enhance the ability to sensitivity respond to the complex and changing needs of birthing women.  Not only on the physical level of helping to calm and cool, but also discover how essential oils may boost birth worker and women’s confidence to be present with the powerful emotional aspects of birth.

  • Innovative professional teaching provides detailed theoretical knowledge of five carefully chosen essential oils.  A variety of applications were practiced and discussed including how to blend these oils safely and effectively.  

  • Were included some massage training as a method of essential oil application, to enhance relaxation and encourage oxytocin release.  Other active birth techniques to use with or alongside aromatherapy were taught along with health and safety, legal and ethical issues.

  • This course shows that you can learn to be safe and effective with these skills with an in-depth knowledge of a limited number of oils. The aim was to load the ‘toolkit’ to the brim with new ideas to work holistically with birthing women.