My 3rd pregnancy began peacefully. I was healthy, I didn't feel any sickness and I was ready and prepared for a natural pregnancy and birth.

This took a turn, when around 13 weeks, I began feeling some cramping and experienced some heavy bleeding. I had experienced bleeding with my previous pregnancy, but hadn't had any pain related to the bleeding. This time was different.

We went to the Maternity Hospital Emergency Room, and by the time we got there, the bleeding had worsen. The midwives/nurses, took me in and brought me to a bed, and I waited to be seen. When the doctor came, she told me she was going to scan me, but due to the amount of blood I had already lost, I should not build up too much hope...

The doctor prepped me to be scanned, and turned the screen away from me, explaining that she would have a look first and then, maybe would show me what was happening. When the probe touched my belly, after a few seconds, the doctor gasped and called the nurses to her. She muttered: "Oh my God! It is still there!" and the nurses around her all reacted with a certain shock. The doctor turned the screen to show me, what I can only describe as I little jumping bean. I asked her if this movement was positive, but she replied that all she could say for now was that it was still there, moving and with a beating heart.

I was kept in the hospital and had a second scan the following day, confirming that everything seemed normal.

This extreme bleeding was left unexplained, and I was kept under the DOMINO scheme in the CUMH.

My due date was the first of August 2015, and on the 4th of August in the early hours of the morning, I woke up to some contractions. I laboured slowly at home for the day, and that evening around 9pm, we headed off to the CUMH. There I was greeted and checked by my midwife, and some 45 minutes later, my healthy baby girl was born, completely naturally. I do not even remember pushing!