Focus on Food for your Golden Month

If there are to be only 2 priorities you should set for your Postpartum, it should be:

- Focus on rest

- Focus on food

This service offers you both!

I have extensive knowledge, training and experience in postpartum recovery and nutrition, and I love to cook.

You can hire my services to cook for your full week: breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks to not only keep you satiated: full and satisfied and replenished with all the nutrients you need for long term recovery, but also to allow you to truly rest as your meals are being looked after for you.

With my help, we will design a full menu of delicious, healthy and freshly prepared meals, so you can rest and bond with your baby while I cook up a storm in your kitchen, fill up your fridge and leave your kitchen completely clean and mess free.

You can take a look at the menu below and pick any of the dishes presented or you can make a list of your favourite meals, the menu is entirely up to you! 

I may make some suggestions to make absolutely sure you get all the nutrients you need for this body that has worked so hard during pregnancy and labour, and is still working hard to recover from the changes and potentially feed your newborn baby! 

I will also bring along any special ingredients I use for Postpartum cooking so you don't have to worry about running around the shops. I source out my special ingredients from health shops, local butchers and sometimes the English Market.

I may also bring some pre-made meat stocks I make in my own home as they cook over a longer period of time.

This service includes:

- Full menu planning with your wishes in mind,

- Full list of groceries for you to order/purchase, and I will bring along all my most special ingredients needed for the recipes that call for them,

- Either 2 mornings of 4 and 1/2 hours of cooking, or 3 mornings of 3 hours of cooking, in your home. These sessions will be spread across one week to make sure your fridge is full and your meals and snacks are freshly prepared and ready to serve! (Ideally Monday and Thursday or Monday, Wednesday and Friday),

- Full kitchen tidy up and cleaning at the start and end of the cooking session,

- All your snacks and meals ready to eat or re-heat in your fridge!

All the above come as a service package for a total cost of €300 over 1 week.

This service package is better enjoyed in the first 6 to 10 weeks postpartum to truly support your rest and early recovery. Remember that rest and good nutrition will support both you and your baby!

You can ask friends, colleagues and/or family members to purchase a gift certificate here for this service package! 

To make the most of this service package, it is recommended to book early, before the birth of your baby so we can organise the cooking in the very early weeks postpartum.