Postpartum Nutrition food services

Cooking and nutrition are some of my personal hobbies and something I greatly enjoy and am deeply interested in. I love cooking and baking, mostly for others! In early 2020, I started a Nutrition for Doulas course with Birth Arts International. I completed this course in 2022 and learnt so much about postpartum recovery and the specific needs of the body after birthing a baby. I furthered this learning with an online course designed by Kimberley Ann Johnson and Kate Pope in early 2024. 

When I had my third baby and already had a preschooler and primary school aged child, I really developed an appreciation for any meal I was not making!

Now, it is time for me to relieve new parents of the burden of daily cooking! 

What past clients have said:

"My SIL is enjoying the dishes you made, thank you. Is there anything better than the gift of food!!"

"You’re a superstar, I’ve no idea how you managed all this. I’m tucking into a fish pie as we speak & it’s super delicious. I can’t wait to try everything else. Delighted to know I’m being fed so well. Every new mom needs an Amélie." 

"Oh my God, the stirfry was unbelievable!!!’ Like better than takeaway.  I nearly ate ALL of it.  Is the secret the oil you used? Because it seemed lovely and fatty?"

"Miso broth is AMAZING! I had it when we woke and it hit the spot!"

"The soup was just belly hug yummy!"

"A Postpartum highlight for me!"

Batch cooking is great and saves time. Have fresh healthy meals ready in your freezer whenever you need them! Or cook for a few hours at the weekend and have your daily meals ready to go each evening during the week.

New parents have enough to be doing and are generally hungry and tired a lot of the time! Ordering a take away becomes the easy solution, but it comes with some guilt and is not a long term sustainable option if you want to have a healthy diet.

The service I offer is sustainable, flexible and expertly tailored to the nutritional needs of women recovering from pregnancy and childbirth and in the process of establishing breastfeeding. 

This healthy meals service responds to the needs of a wide variety of parents.

I can cater for most dietary requirements and will provide you with fresh, healthy AND tasty family meals, one hand snacks and home baked tasty treats!

Below you will find a sample menu, however I would love for you to tell me what your favorite meals are so that I can give you what you want and need and not only what I have on offer! 

The batch cooking service I want to provide is just like my full Postpartum Doula support service: tailored to your needs and as flexible as you want it to be!

My guarantee is to offer you fresh food, locally bought ingredients, generous portions and dishes that are always made to order, to your specific requirements!

This service comes as a natural extension to the Focus on Food service package I offer during the first 6 to 10 weeks postpartum. 

Lamb and lentils curry with a side of homemade flat bread

There are 3 options to choose from:

Why not ask family members or friends to order dishes for you and bring them to you when they visit or have them purchase a gift certificate for you!

1- Batch cooking in your home

I can come to your home and batch cook any meals you want. You can do your own food shopping for all the ingredients needed, tell me what recipes you want made and I will come to your house, cook the meals you want, get them fridge or freezer ready, as you need with you and tidy up after! 

This batch cooking service can be for your weekly meal plan, all the ingredients prepped and ready in the fridge for your daily evening meals. Or it can be a freezer batch cooking session, or a mix of both!

If you would like to look at the menu below you will be able to pick some of those dishes too!

This service costs €30 per hour. The minimum session is 3 hours.

Fresh vegetables, a great base for a great curry

2- Freezer Batch cooking for the whole family, delivered.

After we have agreed on a menu of main dishes you wish to receive as well as the number of people I am cooking for, I will shop for ingredients, cook each dish, pack them in freezer friendly container and deliver them to your door whenever suits you. 

Note: The dishes chosen need to be freezer friendly. Side dishes are not included.

For this service, I will need at least one week's notice before delivery.

  • Snacks and sweet treat options available
  • Special diet requirements will be looked after!
  • Price list is on the menu below
  • There is a €10 minimum delivery fee (depending on your geographical area. Grange and Frankfield areas receive FREE delivery!).

3- Batch cooking for collection

Would you like to gift a batch of homemade, healthy and delicious dishes, ready to freeze, to new parents?

Would you like me to batch cook some delicious and healthy meals for your family and collect them directly from me? 

Order directly from me and collect the dishes, ready for the freezer! 

Dishes are priced on the menu below.

Your first order includes careful packaging, special samples for the new mum and a complimentary affirmation card!

I will need at least one week's notice before collection.

Sample menus:

Order suggestions:

  1. Replenish
  • Classic chicken and vegetable broth
  • Super green soup, made with homemade vegetable broth
  • Confit onions and garlic Soup with ginger, made with homemade bone broth
  • Braised beef Cheeks in rich red wine and tomato sauce
  • Slow cooked lamb curry with lentils
  • Sweet Potato and aubergine Massaman curry
  • Energy balls
  • Peanut butter and cocoa nibs Banana Bread

€84.50 for generous individual portions of each

  2. Easy digest

  • Classic vegetable broth
  • Carrot, cumin and fennel soup, made with homemade vegetable
  • 'Your 5 a day' Shepard's Pie with Sweet potato topping
  • Fruity Lamb Tajine
  • Green Curry with Broccoli, mangetout and courgettes
  • Homemade aromatic rice pudding

€62 for generous individual portions of each

  3. Vegetarian goodness

  • Mixed mushrooms and Miso broth
  • Butternut Squash and Coconut Soup
  • Roasted Pepper and tomato Soup
  • Mushrooms, kale and faro stew
  • Red lentil Dahl with creamy spinach
  • Blueberry, lemon and chia seed oat Muffins

€55.50 for generous individual portions of each

  4. Family pleasers

  • Leek and Potato Soup, made with homemade chicken broth
  • Chicken and Vegetable Soup
  • Pork, beef and lentils Bolognese
  • Turkey meatballs in roasted vegetables and tomato sauce
  • Classic French Ratatouille
  • Classic banana bread
  • Lemon Drizzle and Pistachio Cake

€188 for generous family portion of each of the dishes